Mystique Bar & Dining
For reservations: Dial +31 (0)20 3302994

Besides our Mystiki cocktails we can make you any cocktail you like


10,50 Jah man!

Clement Canne Bleu/ St Germain/ lime juice/ vanilla syrup/ celery bitters

10,50 Mai Tai

Myer's Clement VSOP/ Pierre Ferrand dry orange/ lime juice/ orgeat syrup/ sugar syrup

9,50 Ms. tiki

Sailor Jerry/ lime juice/ roasted pineapple syrup/ coconut-lime foam

9,50 Missionary downfall

El Dorado blanco/ Massenez creme de peche/ lime juice/ pineapple juice/ sugar syrup

13,00 Painkiller

Pusser's gunpowder proof/ pineapple juice/ orange juice/ Coco Lopez

10,50 Army & navy & air force

Plymouth gin/ lime juice/ orgeat syrup/ TBT creme de violette/ egg white/ Peychaud's bitters

13,50 Zombie

A mystical blend of rums and a secret recipe of fruit juices and bitters

10,50 She shot the sheriff

Flor de Cana ES/ lime juice/ Massenez creme de la fraises des bois/ strawberry syrup/ vanilla syrup/ Taittinger